The Red Drop

The 2nd Drop, 12 limited edition chess boards. 600 year old art.

Handmade by our third-generation woodworker Pilar in Granada, Spain.

Sold Out!

The Red Drop Presents:

The Alhambra Board​

Only 12 for Sale. Ever.​
The Red Drop Presents:

The Alhambra Board

Only 12 for sale. Ever.

Sycamore & Walnut with Rosewood Borders

500 USD

Chess pieces not included with the board.

Made in Spain

the 1,000 year-old art

Taracea, one-of-a-kind inlaid art, is featured in the chess boards of The Red Drop.

The craft is over 1,000 years old. Its origins date back to the Almoravid Caliphate in modern day Morocco, 1062.

The art entered Europe and became the Taracea art of today during the Muslim rule of the Moors in Spain, 15th century.

After the conquest of the Moors by Queen Isabella (who is said to have invented the queen in chess) in the Granada war which ended in 1492, the city of Granada continued to use Taracea art in religious ornaments, furniture and, well, chess boards.


Inlays of Taracea nestled among intricately placed geometrical patterns and shapes made of exotic wood also include mother pearl, tortoiseshells, ivory (in the olden days) and bone.

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