Free International Shipping

thechessnerd co. is proud to offer complimentary International Shipping on all its orders of The Royal Drop.

Shipments to the Americas, Europe and Africa, all come within 2 weeks with the free ground shipping.

Shipments to the Middle-East, Asia, and Oceania take from 4-12 weeks for the free ground shipping.

Return and Refund Policy

All purchases made with thechessnerd co. are subject to refund under certain circumstances.

The product at hand must have a definitive deformity determined by thechessnerd co. themselves upon review. If such a situation arises, the customer will have to return the product with the return shipping label within 45 days of placing the order.

Once the package is received at thechessnerd co. headquarters, the refund will be wired to the customer.

There are no refunds for any other cases.

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