What is a drop

A drop of product is an exclusive one-time release of limited edition items sold by thechessnerd co.
At thechessnerd co., we do this for 5 reasons:

1 - The Place

thechessnerd co. has an international network of woodworkers in North America and Europe. We are currently looking to expand our production to Africa as well. Unlike its wealthy competitors, thechessnerd co. does not outsource its labour or materials to save on costs. Thus, the woods and artistic style used to produce the chess boards in each drop will be native to the country they were produced in. The woodworkers will always be working with woods native to their country, and are paid a fair price for their labor.

2 - The Make

At thechessnerd co., we pride ourselves on making the most luxurious limited edition chess boards the world has ever seen.

We hand-pick each professional woodworker per drop of product we release.

Hence, every chess board produced by thechessnerd co. is hand-made by an experienced woodworker.

For the Red Drop, we hired a third-generation woodworker named Pilar, from Granada, Spain.

The city of Granada is the only city in the world that produces these chess boards of Taracea art.

3 - Limited Edition

Each one of thechessnerd co.’s drops will feature a limited edition aspect.
What does Limited Edition mean

Simply put, there is a finite amount of product being released at each drop.

Released products will have a limited amount of predetermined stock before every drop.

Once they sell out, we will never restock them.

Why do this

This lets us increase the level of intimacy between thechessnerd co. and its clients, your board will be special and unique. Each board will come with a personalized written message from thechessnerd himself!

Branding and Numbering

thechessnerd co.‘s boards are special for two reasons: Once the board you bought sells out, there will never be one like it released. Each board has thechessnerd’s brand burned into the back of it so you know it’s an original.  Secondly, each board of every drop will be numbered as one of the total finite number of boards.  In the Red Drop, every single chess board will be numbered from 112 out of 1212, for example: 112, 212, 312 … until 1212.

4 - The Durability

The first line you read on this website: “A chess board forever” was no lie. Our chess boards last for over 15 years and can even last forever if properly taken care of. A chess board collector myself, many of my oldest chess boards are 30 to 70 years old in near pristine condition. We believe, with proper, delicate care, these chess boards can last through generations. That’s the quality promise of thechessnerd co.

5 - Its Buyability

At thechessnerd co. we are happy to be able to offer free International Shipping on all orders. Whether you live in Beijing, China, São Paulo, Brazil or even St. Helena, which country? we’ve got you covered.

Each chess board is perfect for the serious chess player. As a chess Expert, I was tired of seeing too small or too big chess boards, but our chess boards give ample space for chess pieces of king size 3.5”, 3.75” and 4” kings.

Invest in a chess board that you will enjoy analyzing hours of chess on.

That’s our goal.

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